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The Craydl Story

Our journey began with our founder, Adam Katz. An experienced designer, builder, and developer, he knew all too well the struggles, delays, and frustrations that pre-construction brings, especially for smaller teams with limited resources. He saw a need for a more efficient, reliable solution, and thus, Craydl, Inc. was born.

Our mission is simple - revolutionize pre-construction.



We offer tools, leadership, and support to streamline the planning process. Our CIM provides a single, organized, and accessible version of the truth. It simplifies inputting, storing, and retrieving information for anyone who needs it, preventing the all-too-common communication breakdowns that you're probably already too familiar with.

Photo of Adam Katz Founder of Craydl


President & Founder


Adam is a visionary with a diverse background in residential development and IT. He's revolutionizing the preconstruction process with Craydl, making it efficient and transparent for all, a true village working in harmony. Curious about his journey from Wall Street to software company CEO while transforming the building industry?

Craydl Team

Our Team

We are a dedicated and experienced team driven by our passion to revolutionize the pre-construction process and consistently deliver enhanced results that bring exceptional value to our esteemed building partners. Since partnering with Craydl, builders have experienced remarkable improvements.

Phil VP Craydl Preconstruction Tech


VP of Operations



VP of Design and CIM

Robert Stickles Architect


Chief Architect

Start Your Pre-Construction Revolution

Are you ready to experience a smoother, more efficient pre-construction process? Schedule a demo with our team today. In just 15 minutes, we can show you how to ease your preconstruction headaches and work with you to craft a customized preconstruction plan tailored to your needs.

Pro Services for Homeowners

Custom Home Construction & Remodeling Tools and Services in Arizona


Homeowners can now access our premier professional tools and services for home building and remodeling, with guidance from our innovative team to save time and money.

Happy Craydl Architect Partner

"Craydl is changing the game when it comes to the preconstruction process."

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