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Craydl's Custom Home Construction & Remodeling List

Top Home Builders and Remodelers in Arizona

We have extensive experience in designing and managing the pre-construction process for numerous homes in Phoenix and across Arizona. Over the years, we have collaborated with various good and bad builders. This list highlights just a few of the builders we have grown to love.

This is not a comprehensive list of Arizona builders and remodelers. We recommend using our complimentary Builder Match Services to find the best builder for your project.

Happy Painter

Builder Match Services

Find the Best Custom Home Builders and Remodelers in Arizona

After building and remodeling hundreds of homes, we have built relationships with some of Arizona's best and most reliable builders. Our experience, network, and proprietary questions match you with the best builder for your project. Finding the best builder is not about who has won the most awards or has the most likes on social media; it's about who is right for your specific project needs.


Please don't take a chance with the wrong builder on your construction project! Let us help you find the right builder for your project (with no fee or obligation).

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