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Construction work planning

We Are

Revolutionizing the
Pre-Construction Process

Craydl is committed to improving the journey for both builders and homeowners through design, technology, and process.  A single-source of truth for all project participants throughout the pre-construction process.

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Pre-Construction Done Right

At Craydl, we believe in a world where the homeowner can know exactly what they are getting and the construction documents can support the builder.


A single source of truth, ensuring clarity and eliminating communication missteps for better project outcomes.


Our unmatched expertise offers a definitive roadmap, dispelling any process uncertainties for a streamlined journey.


Collaborating with builders, architects, designers, engineers, & homeowners. Whether it's end-to-end or a segment, we're here.


Our team embodies dedication, passion, and experience. We’re committed to delivering unparalleled quality in every endeavor.

Who are we

Our Building Partners

Regardless of your role in the construction process, Craydl is equipped to navigate its complexities on your behalf. Select your position below to discover how our expertise can streamline your pre-construction needs.


Your path to a simplified construction journey begins here.

Professional Tools for Homeowners Managing Custom Home Builds and Remodel Construction

Are you looking to renovate, remodel, or build anew? You deserve a straightforward, worry-free process. Our team simplifies preconstruction, navigating site evaluation, drafting plans, coordinating designs, and securing permits.


We provide transparent cost estimations and keep you informed every step of the way, ensuring your dream home becomes a reality without the headaches often associated with construction.


Start your hassle-free home improvement journey with us today. 

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Living room

The Craydl Value

We provide software and services that help residential builders (and now homeowners) align scope and budget with potential customers in a single meeting, allowing for greater control of plan sets and creating extraordinary customer experiences.

Since partnering with Craydl, builders have experienced noteworthy improvements.


A remarkable 95% reduction in the time required to produce a preliminary budget allows builders to allocate their valuable time more efficiently - an essential savings in an industry where every second counts.


An impressive 50% increase in closing volume was achieved without the need for additional advertising expenditure, resulting in a substantial boost to their business without sacrificing quality or customer service.


On average, a builder has about 10% overage — that 10% can cut into your margins. Our system has proven to yield fewer errors in the field, reduce overages, and drive a 10% increase to your bottom line.


We give your 100% control of your document sets. Using our Common Information Model, we minimize field surprises, enhance trade partner relations, and save everyone time, fostering improved satisfaction all around. 

We Are Your Pre-Construction Expert

Preconstruction can be daunting with so many moving parts - site discovery, feasibility, architecture and construction drawings, 3D renderings, and more - each having its own complex information models. The actual building work hasn't even started yet! This is where Craydl steps in. Our dedicated team provides a full range of preconstruction services, including a user-friendly Common Information Model (CIM). This frees you up to focus on what you do best - building.

Budget. Design. Estimate. Build.

Understanding Pre-Construction

Craydl's 7 Diamonds of Success

Milestones for Residential Construction

We've honed our process into seven key milestones, or diamonds, for an efficient, seamless journey through your construction project:

  1. Define: Using our unique system, we establish your project's scope, from budgeting and requirements to visual inspirations and feasibility.

  2. Establish: We collect and analyze crucial site data to provide a solid foundation for your project's future steps.

  3. Design: Our team crafts comprehensive designs, incorporating everything from interior and landscape aesthetics to advanced 3D modeling.

  4. Document: We create thorough documentation, ensuring every aspect of your project is accounted for, from site plans to roofing layouts.

  5. Detail: We delve into the finer details, developing plans for elements like lighting, power, cabinetry, tiling, paint, and more.

  6. Engineer: We handle all the engineering requirements, resulting in detailed construction drawings and specifications.

  7. Estimate: We manage all permit acquisitions and contractor estimates, keeping your project on track and within budget.


Each milestone is meticulously planned to ensure a smooth and efficient path through your construction journey.

A gif showing Craydl's 7 preconstruction milestones. They are: Define, establish, design, document, detail, engineer, and estimate.

The Craydl Common Information Model

Pre-Construction's Single Source of Truth

An architectural design image of a house
A 3d rendered image of a bathroom by Craydl. There is a soaking tub on the left and a separate stand up shower on the right.

One Vision

Forget takeoffs. The information you need is in the CIM. Did you ever wonder why 3D renderings are so expensive? The most significant factor in the expense is setup time. When you build your model using our CIM, you can easily create cost-effective and real-time 3D visualization experiences for homeowners—allowing them to see all their project details and selections before you ever swing a hammer.

One Truth

Our CIM provides a single source of all truth for a project. All pertinent information goes into the CIM—civil, architectural, design, engineering, and budget—and all artifacts get produced from the CIM.

  • Construction Docs

  • Design Specs

  • Engineering Specs

  • 3D Models

  • Project Costs

Engineering schematics for a kitchen by Craydl.
Inventory sheets for a project by Craydl.
Happy Craydl Architect Partner

"Craydl is changing the game when it comes to the preconstruction process."

Featured Project:
Via Del Futuro

A Phoenix gem reimagined. Our recent full-scale remodel transformed a single-family home without affecting a single native plant—a testament to our commitment to design and the environment. New elevations, a revamped floor plan, and meticulous attention to local concerns brought this home into the future. We're exceptionally proud of this project, where nature and innovation coexist beautifully.

Schedule a demo to learn more about how we can support your project planning needs.

3d rendering of a kitchen design featuring a kitchen island, stove top, oven, cabinets, lighting, decor, and more.
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