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Do You Manage Your Design Process?

Whether you relish the design process or find it a necessary task, builders bear the weight of delivering precisely what the customer desires. At Craydl, we recognize this responsibility and offer vital support and resources to streamline preconstruction and foster collaboration: 

  • Accurate and fast existing conditions

  • Feasibility

Precision and Efficiency: Through state-of-the-art scanning technology, Craydl guarantees accuracy down to the most minute detail. This simplifies the initial assessment of project conditions and optimizes the construction process for seamless execution. 

  • Responsiveness

  • Plan set production details

  • Problem Solving

Streamlined Operations: Embracing the transformative power of Building Information Modeling (BIM), Craydl empowers contractors of all sizes to harness tools and capabilities typically reserved for larger firms. Our approach eliminates the burden of heavy overhead costs while enhancing operational efficiency. 

Craydl brings support to custom builders and remodelers that manage the design details

  • Digital twin 1 - Architectural DT for constructability

  • Digital Twin 2 - Finish DT for customer communication

Enhanced Visualization and Communication: From comprehensive Revit models to dynamic SketchUp renderings, Craydl facilitates transparent communication and visualization throughout every stage of the project. Our tailored approach caters to diverse stakeholders, ensuring clarity and alignment of vision. 

  • Budgeting calculators to accelerate Lead to Sale

  • BIM models that reduce or eliminate the need for takeoffs

Cost Control and Transparency: Leveraging tools like the Craydl calculator and industry-leading BIM practices, we provide contractors with software that accelerates the lead-to-sale process. By automating the creation of scopes and corresponding budgets, we ensure alignment between expectations and realities, fostering trust and accountability. 

Strategic Partnerships: Through deliberate effort, Craydl nurtures relationships with top-tier engineers, architects, designers, and specialty subcontractors. These partnerships facilitate seamless collaboration and grant access to unparalleled expertise, ultimately driving project success. 

In the dynamic realm of construction, Craydl stands as a steadfast ally, offering precision, efficiency, and collaboration to empower general contractors in delivering exceptional results. Our commitment to client satisfaction is ingrained in our core values, embodying the principles of integrity and responsiveness that were once elusive in the industry. As former builders ourselves, we understand the frustrations of unreturned calls and elusive information, which is why we prioritize clarity and accountability at every turn. 

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Pre-Construction Calcuator

This is a sample of our simplified calculator tool that can be personalized with your information to engage and qualify leads. Contact us for more information on the pre-construction calculators we offer.

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